Welcome to Arizona State University’s Interplanetary Lab (IPL).


IPL supplies training and mission technical services to the University and its partners. As a training lab it is a maker-space style environment open to students and partners. As a service provider the lab is primarily powered by trained student staff working under the direction of faculty.

The 6000 sq ft facility includes collaboration space, electronics development, fabrication, assembly and test. Test facilities include a cubesat shaker table, a thermal vacuum chamber, a small clean room, a roof deck, and anechoic chamber.

Become a USER

Current ASU students may use the lab facilities for relevant projects by becoming a USER.

Student USER Signup

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Mailing list

Outside collaborators from industry or other universities can also become USERS or SPONSORS.

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Tempe Campus
Sun Devil Hall
Main Entrance: Palm Walk
Delivery Entrance: Southwest corner (by arrangement or inquire at main entrance)

Lab Calendar

Lab Users can access the lab when a II-Lifeguard is present. The Google Calendar tracks when lifeguards are scheduled to be in the lab.

Lab Rules

  1. To work in the lab one must be a current IILab User, see below. Visitors are ok but can’t use any equipment until registered as a User.
  2. Keycard access can be granted, see SuperUser level access below.

Lab Schedule

An Staff member must be present during ordinary USER use of the lab. The lab is open when staff are present, see the staff google calendar. Other times on evenings and weekends can usually be arranged, please make a request in the #iilab slack channel.


User Privileges

  1. Access to IILab slack, google drive documentation, and internal github repositories
  2. Permission to use lab equipment, keep things in the lab, etc. (Equipment reservation is currently not required but might be introduced in the future.)

User Responsibilities

  1. Be current on ASU training as assigned in the User Manual
  2. Know and use IILab documentation in the Users google drive.
  3. Communicate with lifeguards. Let them know when you arrive, what you’re working on, and when you leave.
  4. Ask for things you need
  5. Report equipment problems or when something is out of stock


Super-users have all privileges of a User but are granted door access to the lab and permission to work without Lifeguard supervision. With great power comes great responsibility!

Super User Responsibilities.

  1. Give 12 hours advance notice for lab use after 5pm, on a weekend, or ASU holiday.
  2. Report anything out of the ordinary to lifeguards and Danny.
  3. Regular Users may be present but only if directly under the supervision of the Super user.

Equipment & Facilities

See navigation side bar for the various equipment/facilities pages

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